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A new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny dropped, and after studying it carefully and, most importantly, comparing it to the trailer released around the time of the Superbowl, I believe this trailer confirms a number of rumors I've reported, and seems to confirm a shift in the tone and approach that Mangold is taking to Indy 5, particularly in regards to Phoebe Waller-Bridge and the character of Helena. Have we defeated Kennedy's plans to utterly destroy Indy? Here are my thoughts regarding the latest Indy 5 trailer! #disney #lucasfilm #indianajones

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Mr Helstein
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The Rings of Power was indeed a giant, global FLOP according to sources from within Amazon. 2/3 of that 'modern audience' they were going for dipped out before the series finished. Looks like you can't take a giant billion dollar corporation's word at face value after all. Good luck with season 2!
#Amazon #RingsOfPower #Hollywood

Edited by @QTRBlackGarrett

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Mr Helstein
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Take a stroll down memory lane to your FAVORITE Nickelodeon show, The Fairly OddParents. But we promise it’s not at ALL what you remembered. In fact, there is a dark conspiracy controlling all of Fairy World, and Jorgen may be behind all of it…
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Mr Helstein
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