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⁣Oliver Stonen elokuva tietovuotaja Edward Snowdenista, joka paljastettuaan Yhdysvaltain kansallisen turvallisuuspalvelun salaisuudet pakenee maailman etsityimpänä miehenä. Pääosissa: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley, Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Scott Eastwood, Timothy Olyphant, Rhys Ifans, Nicolas Cage ja Tom Wilkinson. (USA 2016)

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Daily Wiren dokumentti, suomi-tekstillä. Konekäännös

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Sisu is a simple story of a man with a dream, and a bag of gold, who takes on a whole platoon of German soldiers that stand in his way. And it makes an absolute mockery of most big budget action flicks these days.

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Disney is calling in favors! The Little Mermaid live action remake 2023 is not doing to well, so the way movies are being reviewed are getting overhauled! Also, how is Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse doing?

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⁣here exist creatures of darkness and evil that plague the night, devouring any human unfortunate enough to be caught in their grasp. On the other side is Hellsing, an organization dedicated to destroying these supernatural forces that threaten the very existence of humanity. At its head is Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who commands a powerful military and spends her life fighting the undead.

Integra's vast army, however, pales in comparison with her ultimate weapon: the vampire Alucard, who works against his own kind as an exterminator for Hellsing. With his new vampire servant, Seras Victoria, at his side, Alucard must battle not only monsters, but all those who stand to oppose Hellsing, be they in the guise of good or evil.

In a battle for mankind's survival, Hellsing Ultimate proves that appearances are not all they may seem, and sometimes the greatest weapon can come in the form of one's worst nightmare.

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Noin ammatti-ihmisenä ei voi kun kummastella miten paljon tällainenkin rehellisesti paskan puhuminen saa loppupeleissä ihmiset pelkäämään...

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In early 2003, a team of German archaeologists working in Iraq stumbled across one of the most significant discoveries of modern times. Deep beneath the desert sands, they discovered what they believed to be the long-lost tomb of the mythical King Gilgamesh, the protagonist of the oldest story human beings ever wrote – the Epic of Gilgamesh. For centuries, historians had been divided over whether Gilgamesh actually existed or whether he was simply a figment of myth. That was until Jorg Fassbinder and his team of archaeologists, using modern technology to look deep into the ground, discovered an entire ancient city beneath the desert, astonishingly laid out just as the city of Uruk, over which Gilgamesh had purportedly reigned, was described in the Epic. There were houses and gardens and fields, alongside “an incredibly sophisticated system of canals,” leading archaeologists to describe the site as “Venice in the desert.” More importantly, on the outskirts of the ancient city was what appeared to be a burial site, which archaeologists believed to be the tomb of the ancient king. As Fassbinder put it, "I don't want to say definitely it was the grave of King Gilgamesh, but it looks very similar to that described in the epic.” It was, quite simply, a mind-blowing find, a long-lost missing piece of the origins of human history. Surely, archaeologists believed, this would change everything, revealing to us secrets we never even knew we lost. But then, the unthinkable happened. Mere weeks after the tomb of Gilgamesh was discovered, the United States invaded Iraq, forcing Fassbinder and his team to abandon their work and flee the country, the mystery left unsolved.

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Disney is being called 'anti-lgbtq' for pulling Willow and Howard off the Disney+ platform before Pride Month. Howard has (rightfully) been reinstated, but they won't stop screaming about Willow. Speaking of screaming, we also talk about Awkwafina's AWFUL new rap song in the live-action The Little Mermaid. We miss you, Howard.

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#Disney #DisneyPlus #Willow #Streaming

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💻My Stable Diffusion PC Specs:
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Today we're taking a look at Openjourney. Openjourney is a stable diffusion model trained on images created by midjourney. Shout out to Prompthero for training the model and uploading it for our enjoyment!

Openjourney model:
Creativeindie prompts:

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The Rings of Power Season 2 is DOOMED. Here are the Top 7 reasons Eru Ilúvatar wants The Rings of Power Canceled.
#RingsOfPower #Amazon #LordOfTheRings

Edited by @QTRBlackGarrett

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We wish to inform you that all good things must come to an end. Although the US Imperatour will wrap this weekend we wanted
to leave you with this token of our appreciation for your continued support. Watch “Mary on a Cross – Live from Tampa 2022”

Directed by Ryan Chang
Additional Camera Operators: Jacob Shepherd, Randy Edwards and Casey Steinmiller.
Audio recording by Matt Kogel
Mixed by Hayden C Scott
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#Ghost #MaryOnACross #Live #IMPERATOUR

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3 Näyttöä · 23 päivää sitten

⁣Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former vice president at Pfizer, explains how the real goal of the scamdemic was total digital enslavement, using digital ID and CBDCs:

"[The] logical endpoint [is] totalitarian control of everyone on the planet using digital techniques. This whole thing is a multi year plan designed to smash civil society, to wreck the economy and to introduce various digital controls, [including] digital ID."

"If you accept this, you are in the first stages of the same funnel that cattle go down waiting [for] the stun bullet. So please say no, because there’s no escape from the totalitarian control that digital ID will grant. Whoever owns the database and controls the algorithm, controls you."

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9 Näyttöä · 23 päivää sitten

⁣"If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't be afraid."

I don't remember anybody electing this clown the de facto dictator of the world. Do you?

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7 Näyttöä · 26 päivää sitten

Going back to the Fallout Official Cookbook and making all of the Nuka Cola recipes.

Fallout: The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook (affiliate link):


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Testing 28 different mechanisms and kinetic sculptures made out of Lego.


00:00 Mechanisms
01:06 Sponsor
02:12 More Mechanisms
06:33 Destruction in Slow Motion

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Where I get my parts from:

Music: Waltz of the Fowers - Tchaikovsky


Many of these mechanisms are inspired of those channels:

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Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 is the last good Disney Marvel film. RIP MCU
#guardiansofthegalaxy #Disney #Marvel

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