12 Spine-chilling Backstories of Cenobites Beyond Hellraiser Movies - Explored

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All you Hellraiser fans out there are familiar with the sadistic and demented entities of hell – the Cenobites. You have seen them doing unspeakable things to their victims and the Hellraiser movies have marked their territory firmly in the horror genre courtesy of these demented creations of Clive Barker. They can be summoned by the mortals if they solve a puzzle box called Lemarchand’s box, and as High Priests of Hell, their job is to get the worthy souls into hell. These victims would then be subject to inhuman pain and torture for all eternity. Only the most depraved and misguided mortals will seek them out purposely, and once they do, there is no escaping!
The Cenobites take pleasure from their torturous actions and such mutilations and carnage actually swell their ranks. The damaged souls that seek them out usually seek pleasures that only the purest of evil can provide, and when the torture begins, no one hears them scream! In this video, we have brought to you some of these terrifying Cenobites that you haven’t seen in Hellraiser movies. The mythology stretches beyond the films, and it is time we introduced you to the darker side of the Cenobite world. The next time you get your hands on a strange puzzle box – just leave it alone!
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