Did Favreau Quit Star Wars? Did Filoni Stab Jon in the Back for KK? Here's What My Spies Were T

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Rumors that Jon Favreau is out at Lucasfilm are running rampant, but is this true? Or is the truth even WORSE? Did Dave Filoni stab Favreau in the back and defect to Kathleen Kennedy's camp? Is the Rey movie really happening? The happenings at Lucasfilm are heavily shrouded in the Fog of War, but my Hollywood spies have been hard at work trying to peer through the darkness, and this is what they've learned! #disney #starwars #lucasfilm

PERSONAL NOTE: It gives me no pleasure to report this, and as you'll see in the video, I offer the pros and cons of these rumors being true or false. Watch the video before you judge, listen to what my spies say, and make up your own mind.

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