The Lost SCP - SCP-000 - Most Surprising!

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This is the Top 15 Most Surprising SCPs from SCP Explained.

This video includes the following SCPs:

The Lost SCP - SCP-000 -
SCP–2935 – O, Death -
SCP-5031 - Yet Another Murder Monster -
SCP-2662 - Cthulhu -
SCP-2317 - The Devourer of Worlds / A Door to Another World -
SCP-5545 - Mysterious Tunnels in Antarctica - ABNORMALITY -
SCP-3760 - Like a Doll's Eyes -
Irresistible Pick-up Artist SCP-3512 - The More You Know -
SCP-4051 Your Friendly Neighborhood Keter -
SCP-3393 - For Your Eyes Only -
PREGNANT MAN! - SCP-2833 - Indian Mystery -
SCP-3449 - The Things Left Unsaid -
What if Slenderman was an SCP? - SCP-582 - A Bundle of Stories -
SCP-6415 - Tragedy of the Reptile Man -
SCP-957 - Baiting -

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The Lost SCP - SCP-000 - Most Surprising! is based on
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"SCP-3449" by Captain Kirby:
"SCP-582" by Djoric:
"SCP-6415" by kingpogan:
"SCP-957" by azzleflux:

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