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What if The Flesh That Hates Was Put Inside SCP-914?

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SCP-610 is a Keter Class anomaly also known as The Flesh That Hates.
SCP-914 is a Safe class anomaly also known as The Clockworks.

SCP-610 appears to be a contagious skin disease at first with symptoms including rash, itching, and increased skin sensitivity. Within 3 hours
SCP 610 will cause blemishes resembling heavy scar tissue to form in the chest and arm areas, spreading to the legs and back within an additional hour, consuming the victim completely within five hours.

Initial reports of SCP610 came direct from the Russian government through undisclosable channels. These reports consisted primarily of disappearances of farmers in the region and were not considered until the local police, followed by the regional police, and finally a government dispatched agent all failed to report in within a 72 hour period.

SCP 914 is a large clockwork device weighing several tons consisting of screw drives, belts, pulleys, gears, springs and other clockwork. It is incredibly complex, consisting of over eight million moving parts. When an object is placed in the Intake Booth, a door slides shut, and a small bell sounds. If the knob is turned to any position and the key wound up, SCP914 will “refine” the object in the booth.

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What if The Flesh That Hates Was Put Inside SCP-914? is based on
"SCP-610" by NekoChris: http://www.scpwiki.com/610
"SCP-914" by far2: http://www.scpwiki.com/scp-914

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